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              There are a lot of remarkable dates which we celebrate in a year. They can be state,

religious or family holidays. There are some interesting dates which came to us from old time.

We celebrate New Year and Christmas in winter. It's the happiest and magic time with lots   and

lots of gifts and presents. They are my favourite holidays. Nobody knows how old they are.

We celebrabrate Easter as the start of spring.We have Victory Day on the 9th of May.It's the day

of the great and glorious victory of people over facism.

               I'd like to tell you about traditional festivals in the UK. One of them is Robert Berns'

birthday, famous Scottish poet . People celebrate Berns Night every year in Scotland.

              Celebration starts at 8 o'clock and finishes at about midnight.All wear kilts on Burns' night.

Everyone should say a poem or sing a song. They prepare a lot of delicious traditional food. Another interesting event in the UK is the Scottish Highland festival.This festival began in Scotland

thousand years ago.

                Contests in racing and athletics, music competitions sheepdog competition and  Highland dancing take place today. Scottish people keep their culture and traditions alive.

                 In Russia we have a lot of tradional festivals as well.One of them is Maslenitsa. It's the

end of winter and spring comes.In old time people burnt a scarecrow made of old dresses and

people sang spring songs and danced round the fire.



                                  ANSWER THESE QUSTIONS:

Are trere any festivals in your country?

What are they?

What is your favourite festival?

What can you do there?

What can you eat there?

Which event would you like to take part in?

Which event did you take part in?

How did you prepare for the celebration?

What did you cook for the festival?



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Английский язык
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