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                                                     TRADITIONAL FOOD


                British food has a bad reputation in Europe. This is not entirely justfied. Traditional home-cooked British food is as good as European cooking. The traditional British Sunday lunch

consists of roastbeef, roast potatoes Yorkshire pudding.

                Most popular drink with meals in Britain is tea! They have '' A nice cup of tea ''5 or 7

times a day.

               The meal for which Britain is famous for is the traditional breakfast. It usually consists

of cornflakes with milk, toasts with marmalade or honey and tea. Some people eat sausages,eggs

and bacon for breakfast.

               Traditionaly the British eat a large meal at midday and have '' tea'' with bread and butter,

cakes and sweets at about 5 o'clock.


                                                 Do you know any traditional dishes?

                                                 Do you know the way of cooking them?

                                                 Can you give cooking instructions?

                                                .Choose one of the dishes and tell how to make it.


                                                               Do you remember?

                 Peel, chop, bake, boil, add, mix, pour, throw.mash,slice, grill,wash, fry.



Английский язык
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