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 Sport is very important part of our life. Thousand of people devote their free time to

outdoor and indoor games, athletics, cycling, mountain climbing,boxing and other sports.

                My favourite sport is tennis. My father took me to tennis court when I was five. Playing

tennis is hard work. I have to train a lot. I am not going to become a sportsman. So I simply have to keep   fit. I do a lot of exercises at PE lessons at school.

                I can swim. And I go to the swimming pool twice a week. Swimming is not only

enjoyable pasttime. Swimming is an exellent way to keep fit.  It makes your body very strong and


               Such sports as swimming, football, running are summer sports. Hockey, skating, skiing

are winter sports.In winter I like to play hockey or I try myself in ice-skating. It's my  favourite

way of spending my free time in winter. Gliding over the ice give me such a great feeling.



                                              ANSWERE THESE QUESTIONS:


               1.Do you belong to any sport sciety?

                2.Who is you coach ?

                3.Are you good at football?

                4.What kinds of sport are most popular among the young people in your class?

                5.What kinds of sport competitions are held in your school?



Английский язык
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