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                              PLANS AND INTENTIONS FOR THE SUMMER.



            Summer holidays are the best time of the year. My family join together and we can travel

anywhere we like. People can travel by plane or by train. Sometimes we travel by car. It's very

comfortable and cheap. Last weekend my father invited my mother and me to go to one of the

most interesting old Russian towns Suzdal. It was great. I saw old houses and chirches. Some of

them are more then one thousand year ago. We spent two days there. I have never seen such

beautiful handmade buildings. They were made without a nail!WE went home in the evening

on Sunday. WE were tired and happy.

           Yesterday we talked about our next trip. Now we are planning family resting in summer.

I'll go on holidays with my Mum and Dad. We are planning to go to ------------ .From my point of view we'll have a great holidays there.



Answer these questoins:


Have you ever travelled by plane?

When did you travel by plane last?

Where did you fly?

Did you have a comfortable journey?

 Which papers should a traveller have when going  aboard?

        What do you think the flying time from Moscow to London is?

                                  At what Moscow airport do planes from London land?

                                  Are the meals served on board the plane?

                                  Have you ever travelled by sea?

                                  Was it a pleasure cruise?

                                  Was it a liner or a small boat?

                                  Were you sea-sick or did you feel well?

                                  Did you enjoy the voyage?

                                  If you were to travel anywhere again, would you travel by air or by sea?    




                               REVISION: MODUL 6 / Units 16,17 /


                                  Ex. 7 p.87, ex.12 p.89 ,ex. 4 p.91 , ex.12 p.93.



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